Peter Lilja-Sheeley

I am a voracious learner and love to take on any challenge.

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About me

I love coding because I get to bring people's ideas to life. For me, it has become a creative outlet as well as an opportunity to use my logic and reasoning skills. Every challenge is a new puzzle to solve.

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Portfolio Sites and Projects


Custom design

Developed and managed a site for a local media business. The site handles text, pictures, and videos uploaded by the business and presents them to users.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Node, Express

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Content Management

Updated and maintained thousands of 3M websites around the world. Used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop solutions for business groups and clients within 3M. Looked over built sites with business groups/clients and performing on the spot changes, managed scope of work, and provided feedback on changes being made.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap

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Data management

Designed and developed the visual solution to millions of scientific data points. Opened site to new audiences through APIs that brought in new more understandable data. The site now provides an interactive and easy to use interface for viewing the data as well as raw data for a more scientific audience.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Node, Express, SQL

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National Karate

Small business solutions

Created and designed a data management tool to help a business move from paper transactions to electronic. Through a single page web app, the school can now manage the student base, present programs, and track sales in a single place.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Express, Node, MongoDB, Bootstrap

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